The Ask

The journey of ORGO MANYA was started in the field of organic food by 2019. Our founder Manish Chaudhary an agricultural graduate and Emerging from a family that has decades’ worth of expertise in farming, which led to continuously pushes efforts in promoting health and integrity in living systems. At Orgo Manya our aim is to inspire the nation by showing it’s possible to simultaneously deliever happiness to customer,and the community in a long-term sustainanle ways of organic lifestyle.

Common Issues Faced

The synthetic materials used in the production of inorganic food items can help to control contamination with potentially dangerous mold toxins and bacteria. Therefore, some individuals argue that although inorganic foods may contain trace amounts of pesticides, these synthetic substances pose less harm than the natural toxins potentially found in organic foods. Additionally, inorganic foods are cheaper than their organic counterparts, and the increased yields associated with inorganic food items can potentially help to feed the poor around the world more cost effectively. Further, the nutrient levels in organic foods can vary considerably, whereas inorganic foods typically contain standardized levels of nutrients in the same food items. 

The Solution

  • Our vision is to establish sustainable, healthy living for your family. With the growth of our brand Orgomanya, we will be helping the growth of our farmers and taking a step towards providing a chemical-free organic food product in India. We plan on providing collaboration benefits such as farmers’ child education and farmers’ well-being in the future.


  • Handmade
  • 100% Natural 

  • Curated Products 

  • Modern Farm

  • Alway Fresh

  • Sustainable

Facts & Figures

Operating in an era where mankind is deteriorating the nourishment, virtue, and application of nature to cater to our harmful eating habits, ORGO MANYA is an organic enthusiast brand that is functioning to change the foul and hazardous food preferences among our population. This ideology led us to connect with those farmers who are certified organic farmer.

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Take Away

Orgomanya mission is to help sustain the environment while providing leb tested Natural and organic health products to their consumers to ensure their health. We also believe in providing a higher margin to the farmers and supporting them.