The Ask

  • With the end of summer in sight, it is time to head back to college, which in many aspects brings joy to students (and parents). What does not invoke the same amount of joy is attempting to squeeze all of your clothing, books and personal items into the limited and cramped storage spaces that college dorms provide. Even for non-college students, the end of a season is a great time to re-evaluate your storage needs, as you are likely packing up one set of belongings for another. Let make your transition as easy as can be!

The Solution

ShelfAdditions.Com is your one-stop-shop for all of your organizational needs. Established in 2010, ShelfAdditions.Com prides itself on being the best in the industry in customer satisfaction. The way ShelfAdditions.Com is able to guarantee 100% satisfaction is through quality products that hold up to your needs and are built to last. ShelfAdditions.Com out performs its competitors on many levels. What is most important to ShelfAdditions.Com is that our products aid in making our customers lives easier. We guarantee that our beautiful products hold significant weight and our extensive assortment of wire shelving systems makes our products both easy on the eyes, and undeniably effective at solving your trickiest of storage problems.


  • We pride ourselves on having affordable and durable products that are customizable and sleek in appearance for the pickiest of students and the smallest of dorm rooms. 
  • ShelfAdditions.Com is here to make sure that your college stressors include getting an “A” in Economics; dealing with difficult roommates; and figuring out how to make your meal plan last through the semester; and not disorganized clutter

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