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B2B digital commerce transformation solutions all at one place

Incredibly adaptable and fully composable B2B-first eCommerce solutions are offered by Magneto IT Solutions for the digital transformation of your B2B business.

B2B Digital Commerce

We can create the most adaptable B2B ecommerce platform for you which is customized & integrated by us for all B2B, D2C, and Omnichannel commerce needs. You can decouple front and back ends or integrate microservices components in systems of your choice with the assistance of Magneto IT Solutions.

B2B Marketplace Solutions

By using our multi vendor B2B marketplace solutions, you can connect your B2B buyers and sellers and give your wholesale firm a competitive edge.Utilize simple tools to manage the products, orders, payouts, and commissions of numerous vendors. Use, involve, and make the most of your current dealer network by having them sell on your B2B platform.

Why do you need B2B commerce digitization? We’ll tell you, because
we understand you!

As someone who is into Manufacturing, Distribution or any business that involves B2B selling and management, you’re under pressure to implement solutions that meet expectations of the modern times.For that, you will need a partner like us who understands your expectations and provides you with a reliable B2B platform that automates your business today and effortlessly scales it for the future.

  • Digitize all business processes (Like catalogue sharing with all dealers and sub dealers)
  • 24/7 flexibility to customers for placing orders
  • Automate order processing
  • Clients, vendors & employees to be adept with latest B2B technology
  • Robust, bug-free B2B system to improve efficiency
  • Run the company on auto-mode by eliminating all manual processes
  • Make the company a “Paperless” organization
  • Grow revenue and scale up the brand
  • Improve data quality and management
  • Reduce costs by streamlining the workforce management
  • Dependency on manual order processing systems
  • Human errors in managing data and business processes
  • Unorganised and scattered data
  • No accountability of sales team due lack of proper data management systems
  • High operational costs due lack of digitization
  • Losing out to competitors overtime
  • Reduced profits margins due to increase in costs
  • Not able to attract new customers & vendors or sustain the existing ones
  • Unproductive workforce due to advancements in technology
  • Unable to scale up the business and ultimately shutting down

B2B portal development for a digital first world

We develop bespoke B2B portals that promote business partnerships between partners, assist in connecting
vendors and clients, enable efficient self-service, and give users full assistance.

We can create a sophisticated B2B portal for you that includes pre-built capabilities like the ability for users to make purchase orders, access and subscribe to your services, submit service requests, exchange feedback, manage corporate accounts, and access catalogues and account-based pricing.

Utilize our vendor portal development solutions to create B2B commerce experiences specifically for your company. Your B2B vendor portal can help you attract and onboard suppliers, send purchase orders, start price bidding, set up online invoicing and payment, and give sellers control over their items, catalogues, and categories.

For your business, Magneto IT Solutions can create a cloud-native B2B Digital Catalog to enhance customer satisfaction, boost sales effectiveness, and generate money. It enables you to manage product information on your website with ease, to comfortably filter products based on properties using modern search engines, and to enable distributors and retailers to access to your digital catalogue via API.

Using Product Information Management, we can develop cutting-edge B2B solutions for various companies, including distributor portals, vendors portals, and supplier portals. Using the B2B commerce platform developed by us, you can provide your suppliers, vendors, and distributors access to a single repository where they can keep track of all the information about their products and get real-time updates

Magneto is exceptional at building cutting-edge B2B portals that enable businesses to interact with external partners. We have successfully implemented vendor portals, supplier portals, distributor portals, digital agencies, etc. by integrating the digital asset management (DAM) technology. We offer digital asset management solutions that are utilised to interchange media files across a variety of output channels, including platforms aimed at consumers.

We offer master data management solutions that are scalable and flexible by utilising adaptable data models. Our clients in the B2B manufacturing and distribution sector can manage their B2B data accurately and conveniently in one place with other company data thanks to our expertise in master data management.

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