The Ask

‘NXTBY.com’ is a powerful Indian B2B E-Commerce platform that offers the ability to integrate & work seamlessly with current business systems & sourcing processes. We cater to a wide variety of categories like Office Supplies, Facility Supplies, Healthcare supplies, Housekeeping, Pantry, IT & Electronics, Rentals, Gifting solutions, etc. to fulfill every business need of Indian businesses under one fulfillment model.

Common Issues Faced

  • Price Inconsistency Issue.
  • Tedious Procurement Process?
  • Too Many Vendors?
  • No Transparency?
  • Time-Consuming?


  •  Assure you the best negotiated price and ensure great savings for you.
  • Centralize the needs of all your branches with just one account and we offer you multi-location delivery.
  • You can Integrate the catalog with your sourcing platform.
  • Reduce your inventory for reducing material maintenance costs and reduce wastage thus improving supply chain management.
  • Choose from the varied range of products and create your catalog as per your requirement
  • Avail Multi-Location Free Delivery and easy exchange on Qualified Orders.
  • Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort avail it from us.
  • Varied Products and services are Available Under One Roof for your purchase and Invoice Availability.
  • The invoice is available at your fingertip now. Download directly from where you placed the order.

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Take Away

A Well Trained Procurement Organization Can Highly Influence The Profitability Of The Organization Through Cost Savings, Choose Wisely!