How is digital technology aiding business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis ?

admin July 18, 2020

We all know every Crisis invites recession or depression. Will the coronavirus pandemic cause a global recession on business?. The answer is no if  your business has accepted digital transformation than surely answer is NO.


This COVID-19 crisis has closed many doors, especially for  those companies who’s been late to the digital transformation. This crisis has changes everything from human lifestyle to work life. Even the stock market has crashed, shops and airlines are in big losses and medium and small business is unable to survive in this COVID-19 crisis. But every crisis has new opportunities and its open new door. In 2008 biggest crisis was Lehman brother but in that crisis the biggest startup was started, like Uber, Airbnb , WhatsApp, Pinterest, square etc. And now they are the biggest company in the world. Startups founded during the last recession were the best startups of the world.



In COVID-19 crisis the biggest backbone for every business is digitally transformation. Its change the work life of human and it has given a new era to business. With the help of digital set up the employee work from their home doing effective real time communication and collaboration across different location, time zone to the globe. Now its essential for every business to invest in digital transformation instead of investing in big offices. Digital transformation has opened up a world of opportunities for business. And right now the digital transformation became the real back bone for every industry.from education to big and small enterprises are surviving due to the digital world. In this crisis we cannot imagine without digital transformation mostly for business.

Digital world is open space without any boundaries. Digital technology is not only accepting technology to your business. It’s actually about creating entire new business models on the back bone of technology. It’s time to add digital sharp tools and cut-throat strategy to your business. The digital world has radically changes the consumer behaviour. Your customer and competitors has already accepted digital transformation. It’s your time to enter in to the digital world. On average in 2020 every human spend more than 300 minutes on their phone and connected to digital world. The digital transformation continues to accelerate for 2 main reasons. First techno is evolving at an exponential rate and second is data is more useful in this digital world. Even we can say data is new currency in this digital world or you can say its gives boost to your business. Here you have data of your consumer as well as you have data of your competitors. You can use this data to pull your critical business decision and its clear your vision for your market and you bring new strategy plan for your market to get target customer. The digital transformation has potential to level the playing field. It provides low cost tools and enable strategies that gives small and medium business a fighting chance to compete with as same level as major business.
The digital transforming change everything in your business, it changes your corporate strategy, it changes your business process, it changes your marketing capabilities, it changes roles and skills of employee and it boosts your business to another level…

So are you ready for your digital journey ? This question will decide what will be the  future of your business.

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